Anonymous said: As an obese guy myself, i find that my weight excludes me from finding alot of the styles that slimmer people wear. I will often buy something that may look good if i were about 50 lbs lighter, and the result is usually an uncomfortable fit that only makes me look even more overweight. How are you able to wear the slimmer fit clothes and also hide the weight?

I don’t think its that hard. I am fortunate enough to have my weight fairly evenly distributed all over my body. So really as long as i keep things proportional it works out. Also, my weight is pretty deceptive, but even with that i still try to hit the gym often. I find my sweet spot in terms of weight to be around 200 - 205 so i try to keep at that weight as much as possible. 

Also i’ve found out that slimmer is not better for us  bigger guys. I actually look slimmer in well fitting clothes and bigger in tight fitting clothes, so my advice would be to strive for well fitting vs chasing the slim fit fad. 

The gym is where you would look best … the clothes will just hide the weight, but when it is all said and done the more time spent in the gym, the better you would look and feel. 

Stay stylin’


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